Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tropical Soundtracks

Nature Music SeriesInterstellar Paradise PlanetsMusic of the Spheres SeriesEarth Resonances Series Nymph Katydidit Improv Band

All tunes by grayham john forscutt - i continue to find the Hathors intimately involved in this musical process.
Marsha (right) shares in the creative process contributing research, photos and pyscho-navigation advise for each of the  tunes. Long term friend Steve Reekie (below left) also provides photos from his amazing collection. Dolphins communicate via sono-images (dolphin language) or holographic pictures. This is how i create these soundscapes, they are virtual moviescapes to stimulate the imagination with the possibility that these imagined scenarios will come to life allowing you to interact in real time with ET's and Ultra-Terrestrials (most tunes incorporate aspects of the phi ratio in different ways - see). This is holographic music, sono-pictures reflect back to us our essential nature which we recognize as the universe. Water sounds from pure natural sources underlie each tune. 
 If you would like to support this creative process and make a contribution, hit the 'Donate' button, i will receive notification and email you a link to where a zip folder containing music, in either 360kpb mp3 or the far superior 96kHz/24bit  2304kpb wav and cover photo can be downloaded. As yet my MIDI gear doesn't offer a conversion option from 440hz to 432hz therefore i suggest you use this app which will do this conversion.

This music is like breathing, multiple layers of phi ratio scales, cycles and patterns recreating the ‘Breath of Life Cycles'.
Bio-dynamic Cranio-Sacral practitioners isolate local tides of this breath of life ;
long tide (100sec), mid-tide (24sec) and fluctuating tide (7-12sec)
these tides are powers of phi:  100 x 0.618 x 0.618 x 0.618 = 23.6 ........... 23.6 x 0.618 x 0.618 = 9. 

Here are links to my other music blogs,  ParadisErotica - Music for Tantra, NymphKatydidit Band - Improv music using dissonant Harmonies and Space Station Alpha_X - music for Interstellar RemoteViewers

Free Sample Album

Enchanted Paradise: Headphones & ambient environment listening. A suite of eleven tunes all in the same  crystalline symmetrical key (g#-f-d#-c#-b-g#) revealing faery folk, the forest floor, looking through the veil, active pond-life, Hawaiian lagoon, shimmering twilight, watching portals open, meeting galactic friends and milky way dreaming. 77min. Day. Listen.......Night. Listen

Ultraterrestrial Thoth speaks about Phi Sound
Bashar also comments on future music and Phi 
Here Bashar mentions importance of water 2014
Bashar; water is the go-between, the communicator between dimensions.. water...the buffer, translator, transformer... hydration is key...hydration will soften & buffer all transformative energies that are vibrationally aligned in harmonic resonance with your perfect phi ratio form...water!  pure crystalline glistening form ... water is key to unlocking mysteries...source to allow us to be fluid...unconditional loving support of all that is infused with it's very essence... water!"

Inflorescent Sundew: Exotic insects surrender to the inevitable, allow attention to surf these soundwaves through the DNA core where nature shares memories of distant shores. 15min.  Listen.

Dracophyllum: Wings of the Dragon Queens: Thuban (Arrakis in the Dune story) home of the Draco bloodline. Pure chill here, almost a new age track, whereas most tunes are based upon dissonant harmonies (creating beauty from dissonant intervals) this piece presents a more standard Scale arrangement, works for slow dance.  13min.  Listen.

Seahorse Quest - Journey to NGC 2074: Remote view yourself away from the Milky Way to a new seeding ground where creative collectives birth new Star Systems. 12min 45.  Listen.

Invoking the Goddess - Summer Solstice: Peak experiences and beauty defined by phi ratio. Nature Spirits (fractal angels/angles) lure awareness towards the still-point (Solstice). 20min 45.  Listen.

Antares Swamp: Antares gateway to Andromeda Galaxy from where many Starseed come.  Awaken pre-incarnate memories and post-incarnate potentials. Slip, slide and swirl about this swampy environment where life takes on a strange otherworldly underglow. Great tune to front up to unresolved issues and bring them to resolution. Light and dark being equal this tune explores the dark.  13min 45.  Listen

Tropical Island Retreat: Loose yourself on this imaginary getaway Island, chill out to gentle surf and the flutter of wings. Relaxing piano and strings offer a magic carpet to anywhere you please. 14min 40.  Listen.
Shell & Rock: A playful tune with random beats and soulful melodies. Fun for cruising through daily chores. 12min.  Listen. (still editing)

Treetop Canopy: Glide through the treetops with the wildlife, a burst of thunder by the waterfall cleanses all, leaves and twigs gently fall.  15min.  Listen.  (still editing)

Monsoon: Lush exotic and alluring Gong-like tones create a spacious environment tickling the Pineal Gland and ionizing the cerebrospinal fluids with watery harmonics. Living space ambiance.  14min.  Listen.

Hawaiian Lagoon: Volcanic eruptions formed many islands of Hawaii leaving a warm afterglow throughout these islands. Relax nature offers lazy afternoons to contemplate future possibilities. Living space ambiance. 12min 30. Listen.

Jungle Temple: Deep within the tropical forest on a tropical island lies a crystal temple - the Isle of Paradise. Living space ambiance. 15min.  Listen.

Thunder Monkey: Cleanse and enrich your environment with quirky Kookaburra and cheeky monkey playing in a thunder storm while native birds dart about the tree top canopy. Living space ambiance. 14min.  Listen.

Pyramid in the Jungle: Ancient sacred site unveiled, listen to these stones speak. Pyramids were also used for birthing, the chambers contained 'baths' that held charged spring water, these were tuned (size and materials) to earth frequencies and when lightning struck electrifying the atmosphere the baths were refilled. Headphone brain hemisphere balancing.  16min. Listen.

Angels Dreaming: Delicate tones reverberate shimmering with intricate patterns - here/hear  Nature - Angels - Deva's play in ecstatic delight. Living space ambiance. 14min.  Listen.

Kereru Grove: Ambient Environmental soundscape. This tune slows throughout. Delicate fractal patterns based upon the golden phi ratio allow focus to float inward where a reflection of Self is experiened, mirror into in-phi-nite mirror. Massage or any therapy will be enhanced with this fragile treat. 18min. Listen.

Waterfall  Spirit: Refreshingly cleansing environmental soundtrack.  Spiraling liquid light rises through all chakra's as light reflects from endless droplets of misty vapor trails.  Spheres of Light dart about.  25min duration. Listen.

Taupo Point: Ambient listening. Union of Maori and European began here, fragile dissonances explore subtle ways to integrate in a harmonious and peaceful way. 26min duration.  Listen.

Earth as Retreat destination: Living room ambiance. An invitation to our interstellar rainbow family. The sounds here reveal many aspects of earth culture and various synergies offering a cosmopolitan soundtrack for our galactic neighbors. 32min 23sec duration. Listen.

Contemplation: Stillness - Drift towards the still-point where all possibilities exist, four tune suite designed for reflection and auric recrystallization.  23min.  Listen.

Golden Bay Stargate: Headphone journey. No ticket required. Slip through our local portal into the non-quantum realm of hyperspace where Lightships sparkle with brilliant shimmering colors......Merge with the realm of Higher Self Collectives where unlimited possibilities spring to mind. 17min 33. Listen.

Rocky Seashore: Headphone exploration. We have created a virtual aquatic paradise exploring the ecosystems close to shore, these are divided into six zones (inspired by photos in Rocky Shore by Darryl & Gillian Torckler), rock pool, splash zone, upper shore, intertidal zone, lower shore and underwater. Take a dive into this aquamarine world and meet the inhabitants....Six tracks using the symmetrical scale  c - d - e / f# - g# - many clusters of augmented Fifths sound as layers of phi ratio sequences........tritones abound also to add a touch of the mysterious and  invisible unknown depths. 31min. Listen.
Floating Restaurant: Living space ambiance.  Dusk, time for refreshments  -  visit the floating transparent restaurant parked above a tranquil Bay where a number of ET representatives share ideas and nourishment from Light, sound, color and other forms of refined organix.  17min 30.  Listen.

Nightlife in the Tropics: Nature has her own rhythms we simply nest into her where we engage with our day and plan the future. Living space ambiance and headphones.  19min.  Listen.

Coral Reef: Headphone journey. Underwater rainforest where we find one of the richest biodiversity of species. Coral reefs are the largest living structures on our planet. Take a dive - try headphones for a more direct experience.  11min. Listen.

Underwater Space-Port: Headphones and living space. Dive to the crystalline city beneath Golden Bay where many ET races and Ultraterrestrials gather to aid locals who are about to take the leap into interstellar space upon new adventures. 15min 30.  Listen.

Shimmering Light - is sound light? Living space & headphones. Sounds have an electromagnetic component (cymatics researcher John Reid), this places them as subharmonics of light. Sound clusters of golden phi ratio frequencies more easily generate photonic events (Tesla and phi). Sound is a refined food source. 20min.  Listen.

Life's a Beach: Headphones. There's a lot of activity just beneath the sand on most beaches, this we have tried to capture in sound. Many micro lifeforms dart about creating a textured collage of fun rhythms and playful meanderings weaving a fabric of frequencies. 13min.  Listen.

Orbs of Light: Headphones and living space. Transparent and weightless...... an impression of 5D Lifestylers dancing.....what would it be like to boogie without the physical body?  how do Sphere's of Light dance?..... spiraling, weaving, floating, rising, independent yet unified.  18min 30. Listen.

Etheric Sight: Headphones. Music to aid focus on the etheric levels. Sounds in the higher frequency range bring attention to an etheric tube/trumpert  that runs from the forehead back thru the third brain ventricle. Eye floaters and geometric patterns dart about before our eyes as we begin to develop microscopic sight. Eventually we see into nature in a new way, what was solid is now transparent. 13min.  Listen.

Forest Devas: Clairaudient peek through the veil where devas play. Slowly the veil opens as we attune our ears to the subtle sounds of the infinitely small. Twigs rocks crystals rub and clang igniting a piezoelectric shuffle. Living space ambiance.  20min.  Listen.

Forest Floor: Getting down to where we can hear life unfolding. Puff pop and slithering amongst the foliage. Living space ambiance.   13min.  Listen.